Tank Trouble


Engage in combat at Tank Trouble game 4.0 version. It’s a multiplayer browser game with lots of different maps which makes the game impossible to be boring. Battleground is like a maze so it makes difficult to reach to your opponent tanks and blow them up. There is no base to protect so your only mission is to attack and destroy.

Just because it’s a multiplayer game you can play with up to two of your friends or if you are alone – against computer (Laika).

How To Play Tank Trouble?

After some time when you jump into the game, scattered bonus boxes will appear on the map, when you run over them your tank will gain the particular power to destruct other players easily. Use your bonus weapon wisely.


When you play against computer: Arrow keys to move, M button to shoot.

Multiplayer Mode:

Player 1: Left/Right & Up/Down to move. M button to shoot.
Player 2: Arrow keys to move, M button to shoot.
Player 3: Use mouse to move, left mouse-click to shoot.


Tank Trouble was developed in 2007 for PC and lately for iOS in 2012, Android version in 2014.

Tank Trouble on Your Device


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